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When the I.T. Hits the Fan

What happens when heavily medicated, disorganized, and generally weird people are forced to work together? Welcome to the cubicle-infested world of Information Technology.

Author C.D. Rahm sheds light on such burning I.T. issues as:

  • Identifying super smart people by looking at their shirts
  • Getting promoted by avoiding work
  • Why consultants should wear glasses
  • Corporate travel death marches and stale bagels
  • Job descriptions for goofballs
  • The heartbreak of frozen turkeys and other non-monetary performance bonuses
“A fun read with wit and wisdom on every page. C.D. Rahm knows his stuff and it shows.”

Patty DeDominick
Chief Catalyst
Maui Mastermind LLC

But why should you care about I.T.? Because it’s behind everything from your email and e-banking, to your iPhone and iTunes. And it involves many other letters of the alphabet besides E and I, as well. Next to oxygen, it’s something you rarely see but without it life as we know it would come to an end. So, suck it up, buy this book, and find out what I.T. geeks have to go through just so industry can roll and you can see the latest grainy video of some college kid putting Cheerios up his nose.

How can you live without knowing that?

Interview with C.D. Rahm

man-with-bag-over-head2Q: What’s the most unusual cubicle you’ve seen?

A: The one of a thirty-five-year-old guy who had his workspace set up like a twelve-year-old nerd’s bedroom, with Star Wars and Star Trek posters, action figures, spaceships, etc. Ladies, he’s single!

Q: Any suggestions to make the workplace easier to deal with?

A: Don’t give cute names to conference rooms. Just number them: 110, 120, instead of ‘Sunflower.’ Otherwise, you’ll spend hours tracking down where your next meeting is. If you don’t believe me, walk up to anyone in your office and ask them which direction is north.

Q: What are you bringing to the office potluck this year?

A: Cashews. At least I’ll have something to eat besides the ostrich tacos our developer is rumored to be bringing in.

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